About Jack

Jack McKee is a builder, designer, teacher and writer. He is semi retired now. He worked as a handyman, remodeled houses, built small boats, designed (and built) equipment used by children with special needs, schools, and children’s museums. Jack worked at a Montessori school teaching “shop” to preschoolers, taught woodworking and science for the local parks department, had a traveling science caravan which visited schools, taught “Woodworking for Kids,” a workshop for teachers. He helped kids build boats, log buildings and cardboard domes.

His articles have appeared in Home Education, Tech Directions, Early Childhood Today, Wooden Boat, and on various internet sites. He has written two books, Woodshop For Kids and Builder Boards.

Recent Posts by Jack

Amanda’s Gift

Amanda’s Gift

Amanda's Gift I was teaching “shop” to kindergardeners and as new teacher I found children loved activities I was able to create from the world of tools, building and fixing. We took apart VCR’s, patched bike tires, put faucets, flashlights and locks together, used...

Builder Boards, a Cedar Set

Ford Pranther set me these two wonderful Bulder Board videos of a cedar set he built. The first set I built was using cedar boards, too.  Its cheaper and you don't have to worry about finishing, which is a big job.  He shows another way to cut the notches with a table...