For years I’ve used hook an loop fastener to hold the roof boards of my Builder Boards down. Its worked well and keeps kids from knocking the roof boards off from inside the house. Its more complicated to build than I’d like, and when the set is used outside grass gets in the hook and loop and is hard to remove.

A few months ago I got and email from Dave Brown who was building a set for the childrens museum in Longview, WA. He apparently didn’t think much of the hook and loop system so he invented his own system: ½” dowels protruding from the gable ends and ¾” holes in the roof boards. I’m glad he did.

I tried it and liked it. I used a doweling jig to keep the dowels straight and in the exact middle of the gable end and I glued them in. It was easier to build, easier to store, used less material, was lighter, didn’t need hook and loop fastener, and just seemed like a better design. The only disadvantage was that the kids could knock the boards off from the inside but this doesn’t happen very often and Builder Boards should have adult supervision anyway.

A month or two after I made my own pegged roof I was showing it to my cousin Carl, who had, years earlier, suggested ten notch boards with equal spacing between the notches. A few days later I received this drawing:



So I built test set. I used four notches in each board and wider roof boards

The picture below shows the bumps on the gable ends:

Here is what it looks like with the roof on:

I liked this even better than the dowels. Its easier to build and the design fits better with the rest of Builder Boards. I’m might try a little hook and loop fastener between the bumps on the gable ends but it works pretty well as it is.