Builder Boards Update 2: Cutting the Notches

Eventually, someone suggested a shaper and that worked best of all.

Amanda’s Gift

Amanda's Gift I was teaching “shop” to kindergardeners and as new teacher I found children loved activities I was able to create from the world of tools, building and fixing. We took apart VCR’s, patched bike tires, put faucets, flashlights and locks together, used...

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Builder Boards, a Cedar Set

Ford Pranther set me these two wonderful Bulder Board videos of a cedar set he built. The first set I built was using cedar boards, too.  Its cheaper and you don't have to worry about finishing, which is a big job.  He shows another way to cut the notches with a table...

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Woodshop Safety

…… experience taught me that even very young children can be trusted to use real tools. Fifteen years of woodworking with kids has confirmed this initial experience.

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