I have two grandkids and as might be expected they are so very different. Liam (5) is careful, very thoughtful, and likes to think, talk, and ask questions. Lucas (2) likes to do things. One illustration of this was with bubbles. When Liam was two or so I could blow bubbles for quite a while and he’d be happy chasing and breaking them and watching them drift out over the yard. With Lucas I got two bubbles out and he wanted to do it. He wanted to hold the bubble bottle which he would have spilled. He wanted to grab the wand, and he wanted to blow the bubbles. He ended up getting the bubble liquid all over his mouth before I could stop him.

The other day Lucas was over and we played a while with play dough but he wasn’t that interested. It was a hot day and we went out on the porch and he picked up a squirt gun which, so far, he had been unable to use. This time he was able to use it and he had fun squirting me. He would laugh when I squirted him and I showed him how to squirt himself which he thought pretty funny.This went on for a while.  But then he wanted to go out to the shop.


There were some Builder Boards I had just finished there so I showed him how to put the 4 notch pieces together. We ran out of the 4 notch boards so I brought out the longer 6 notch boards thinking we would put a few together and that would be it. But he kept saying more boards, more pieces. Fortunately my wife came out to see what was going on and went back and got the camera, For over an hour he was building and handing me boards all the time saying more pieces, more pieces. After his nap he wanted more builder boards and we went back at it for another hour and a half.